The Library Search Engine

When you add a new Item to the library, its name and contents are indexed so you can later retrieve it easily.

What's indexed depends on the type of item you add to the library (workbook, powerpoint shape, word paragraph, etc...), but can be simplified to this following list :

  • The Name or Title of the item
    • For instance, the name of the presentation or the document
  • The Name or Title of the subitems
    • For instance, the name of the sheets for a workbook, or the title of each slides for a presentation
  • The textual content of the item
  • The Name of the item in the library (name of the Storage Unit)
  • The Name of the parent folders in the library


The priority is in this order, meaning that if you look for items that match 'map', you will find the shape with the name 'Map of Europe' before the presentation that contains the word 'map' in one of its textbox.

Since indexing all textual content would be a very slow operation, the indexer will only index part of your document or items. For instance, in Excel, when publishing a workbook, only the first cells of each worksheet will be indexed.

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