The Personal Library

What is the Personal Library ?

The Personal Library (or Default Library) is a special kind of library that is available from UpSlide v6. It is a library that is designed for working alone, as opposed to regular libraries, which are shared with other team members.

If an UpSlide setup contains a Personal Library, this library will be copied onto the user's computer, and the user will be able to administrate this library.

To be clear, this means the following:

  • Since the library is copied onto the user's computer, only the user will have access to it.
  • Each user will start with the same content, but they can each modify it to suit their need.
  • You don't need to set up a Network Folder - the folder is located on the user's computer, under %appdata%/UpSlide/Content, next to the Local Cache  (See this article for more information about the Local Cache and the Network Folder.)


Set up a Personal Library

There are limitations to Personal Libraries:

  • You can only set up a Personal Library if you don't have a team library (no team library on the License Server or in the Setup Generator).
  • You can only have one Personal Library.

To set up a Personal Library, the integrator must simply place a folder named DefaultLibrary in Config/Content/ when building the UpSlide setup.

Note any UpSlide user can set up and administrate his own library if he puts it under %appdata%. The Personal (or Default) Library is just a mechanism to provide users with a library that already has content.

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