Upslide Support tool

When UpSlide is deployed, a Support.exe file is installed in UpSlide installation folder.

This tool has been created to help easily detect and fix the most frequent installation and usage problems. You will find below a presentation of this tool main features.



1. Check for issues

This button performs a global check-up of the UpSlide installation.

Support.exe will check for the following issues:

  • Office version is not compatible with UpSlide
    • From v5.1.5 UpSlide requires Office version 2010 SP1
  • State of the BITS service. If it is not functioning properly:
    • the UpSlide automatic updates will be disabled
    • tombstones and template customizations created by admins won't be up to date for the users
  • The user doesn't have access to the shared folder
    • This folder is where the admin makes available new content


2. Reactivate UpSlide in Office

If, for any reasons, your UpSlide has disappeared from the Office menu, it's because the plugin has been deactivated. This can happen for various reasons as Windows updates or Office crashes.

When this happens, UpSlide can be reactivated manually via the following procedure:

The Support tool makes it even easier with a one-button click reactivation that will automatically fix it. Administrator rights are required to perform this operation.


3. Install Reactivation Service

This service can be installed if you're repeatedly suffering from UpSlide deactivation.

Once installed, it will monitor your installation and automatically fix it when needed.

For more information about this fetaure please check:





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