UpSlide panes are not displayed properly


In some cases, panes are not displayed properly. Their content can be cropped, or duplicated, as seen below:




When this happen, you should have a "Display Settings" option at the bottom of your office application. If you click it you'll be able to chose between 2 options:

  • Optimize for best appearance - This is the recommended mode for most users and it is the default. Office applications will be crisp as they move between monitors, but older add-ins and external code may have rendering problems.
  • Optimize for compatibility - If you're experiencing display issues, this mode will disable dynamic scaling for the current Office application. When dynamic scaling is disabled, text in the entire app may be blurry whenever the app is on a secondary display. 


 Selecting the Optimize for compatibility option will fix the problem.


How to reproduce

  • Have PowerPoint 2016 and windows 10 anniversary update
  • Use several monitors/display devices
  • Your displays have different scaling
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