Export options

The UpSlide link system can be customized using the following options in Settings>General.


Use team settings

To preserve coherence, all users within a team should apply the same options. If not, exporting or updating on two different machines could yield different results.

The use team settings checkbox allows you to revert all options to your team default settings..



Resize Ratio

When UpSlide creates an image from Excel content, the size of this image is by default the same as the size of the source table or chart.

This can be changed by feeding UpSlide a custom resize ratio. 

You should not have to change this ratio, but if you do, be sure to change it for all users in your team. If you don't, you will face inconsistencies when working with others.



When you choose As shown on screen, the picture is copied to resemble its display on the screen
as closely as possible.
When you choose As shown when printed, the picture is copied using the printer drivers.

This option can solve display issues such as spacing between characters (cf. image below for an example). However, it will not function properly unless your printer is properly configured.


Resize Chart Height

When you click Resize and Export, the source chart in Excel is resized to fit the available space in PowerPoint. By default, only the width is modified and the height is left untouched.

Check this option to have the chart fit exactly to the available space in both width and height.

For example, with a shape selected in PowerPoint, the picture below shows what happens when exporting without this option (left) and with it (right).


Undo autocolor on Export

When the autocolor feature is active in Excel, the formatting of each cell is modified depending on its content (for example, constant in blue and dates in green).

Use this option to export the original formatting of the cells instead of the autocolored one.


Restore Excel comments visibility

During export or update of Excel data using UpSlide, UpSlide will have to hide comments inside Excel so that they don't show up in the exported images.

By default, all comments in Excel will be hidden after an export or update operation. Enable this option if you want to preserve the visibility state of each comment within Excel.

Please note that this option may slow down the export or update operation.


Custom Recolor on Export

Use this option to force a custom formatting on the exported image. The source Excel cells will keep their formatting, but the resulting image will undergo a series of formatting actions.

This is useful for guaranteeing a coherent look in PowerPoint/Word while retaining some flexibility in Excel.

For example in the image below, all fills are removed, blue fonts and borders are converted to black and all other fonts to grey.


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