Exported images quality issues

If you are using a Windows 7 computer, there is a small change that you encounter distorted images when exporting with UpSlide (see example below).

When Using a Remote Session or Citrix

This is particularly true if you are using some kind of remote desktop (Citrix or RDP in example).

Rendering in Excel

Rendering in PowerPoint after Export


UpSlide uses the EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) format to present Excel data in PowerPoint and Word. And it seems that this format can be broken for specific configurations resulting in an incorrect ratio when exporting from Excel to Word/Powerpoint.


First make sure that everything is Up to Date in Windows Update (in most cases it's managed by your IT).

Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Update

Finally, Microsoft have released a hotfix to solve this issue: Microsoft KB2768741 Hotfix
Please reboot your computer after installing the hotfix.

If you still face the same problem after installing the hotfix, please contact UpSlide support.


If Graphic Drivers is Missing or not Updated

This issue affects Windows 7 and Office 2010, but can happen with newer versions:

There is issues with the file format used by UpSlide with the default graphic driver issued by Microsoft, causing exports looking not accurate with what it looks on Excel.


First you'll need to know what is the graphic card installed on the computer, there is 3 Manufacturers:

  • Intel:
  • AMD:
  • Nvidia:

HWinfo is a great tool to know everything about the computer:

Once you know the graphic card manufacturer, go to their website in order to download the latest driver available.

On some specific cases drivers are not available from Graphic Card Manufacturer website, but only on the Computer Manufacturer website. 

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