PowerPoint: Slide Check

Slide Check reviews your presentation to ensure your content is up-to-date and meets design quality standards. Warnings are grouped by slides and by type (see picture below).

Hovering over a warning displays a preview of what is wrong directly on your slide.


List of warnings

Double Spaces: If two consecutive space characters are found, a warning is raised. To allow manual spacing, no warning is thrown if more than 2 consecutive spaces are found.

If you added double spaces on purpose, we suggest using tabulations or word spacing settings instead.

Misaligned Shapes: Shape alignment can be time consuming and error prone. UpSlide can help you with the Smart Painter feature but it remains easy to miss some issues.

Slide Check detects shapes that aren't perfectly aligned, and suggest relevant solutions. This works for Top, Left, Right and Bottom alignments.

To avoid false positives:

  • Only distances of less than 10pt create warnings.
  • Shapes whose centers are aligned are excluded.
  • Footers are excluded altogether.
  • Similarly, placeholder alignment problems are ignored. Their size and position should be governed by the slide layout whose own alignment issues are handled by another warning.

To help you choose between available solutions, UpSlide provides a preview of each proposed solution (see picture below).

Empty Placeholders: Some of our users frequently use text such as XXXX to mark areas where text should be modified on standard slides. To avoid forgetting these placeholders, Slide Check will display a warning for any combination of two or more of these letters: x, y or z.

Highlighted text: Some of our users frequently use text highlight to mark areas where text should be modified on standard slides. To avoid forgetting these placeholders, Slide Check will display a warning for any text that is highlighted. Fixing this warning will simply remove the highlight.

Outdated library Slides or shapes: In environment where compliance is an issue, ensuring that you are always presenting the latest contents can become a major headache.

Slide check can help you by signaling any slide or shape inserted from the library that have been updated since insertion. For example, let's assume your slides contain a legal notice that is frequently modified. Slide check will make sure that you're informed after each modification and will perform the update in a single click.

Better yet, each time you open a presentation with the old legal notice it will warn you that you should run the Slide Check.

Punctuation spacing: UpSlide will check each punctuation mark for spacing issues. If the spacing rule is dependent on language, Slide Check will use the proofing language as reference.

List of enforced rules:

  • Comma, fullstop: no space before, one space after. To avoid false positives (ex: 1.1, or, no warnings will be generated if no space is found after a dot.
  • Question mark, exclamation mark, colon and semicolon  (English): no space before, one space after.
  • Question mark, exclamation mark, colon and semicolon (French): one non-breaking space before, one space after.



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