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The Shape Styles gives you access to styles shared among your team and allows you to create your own. A Shape Style can be applied to any shape and will affect every formatting aspects (background, border, font, padding, alignement, effects...) except dimensions and shape type.

Apply a Style

In order to apply a style to a shape, follow these simple steps :

  1. Select a shape
  2. Click on the Styles button in the UpSlide ribbon
  3. Click on the Shape Style you wish to apply

Here is an example of what you can achieve in a single click.

Apply master format

If you need to reapply the format from the master to a placeholder a a shape. You can directly use this feature to change not only the format of the shape itself, but also the text formatting and indent levels.

Difference with Quick Styles

  • You can create your own styles, whereas PowerPoint only proposes pre-defined styles.
  • Applying an UpSlide Shape Style will apply the right text formatting according to indentation levels, whereas PowerPoint Quick Styles will only change text color.

Add a Shape Style

Adding a Shape Style to your collection is as simple as selecting a shape and click on Add Style button in the Styles menu. You then enter a name for your style and you are done.

Delete a Shape Style

Clicking on Delete Styles button in the Styles menu will display a window in which you can select one or more Shape Styles for delete. Simply click on delete to remove them definitively.

Note: As a user without an Administrator License, you cannot delete Team Styles.

Admin features

The following is only accessible to people with an Administrator License.

As an Administrator, the Shape Styles you create will appear as Team Styles, which means they are part of your customization.

In order to share the Team Styles collection, go to Settings > Customization and click the Export My Modification button. You can then either perform a full export or choose to export only the Shape Styles modifications.

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