PowerPoint: Tombstones

This article describes the main features of the Tombstone tool to regular users. If you are an administrator, please also check this article.




The Tombtones pane gives you access to the latest credentials database. You can filter and search your way through the available PowerPoint shapes, order them by any field and select the ones you wish to insert in the active slide.


In order to quickly access the Tombstones you are looking for, start by the Filters tab. You will be able to set up filter options on the fields in the database. The options displayed reflect the content of the database.


You can then type some text to refine your query or launch an empty search to display every Tombstone matching the active filters conditions.

(Note: the text search will apply on every textual field in the database)

Selecting and Sorting

As the results are displayed, all the Tombstones are selected. Click on one Tombstone to only select it, click on the checkbox inside a Tombstone to add it to the selection.

Before you insert your Tombstones, you might want to order them directly to minimize later adjustments. You will find sorting options at the bottom of the pane. Click on the underlined elements to modify these options.

Inserting Tombstones in the active Slide

Once you have selected all the Tombstones you wish to insert and ordered them by the right field, simply click the Insert in Slide button. They will automatically arrange themselves inside the slide, and you can adjust them further as any other PowerPoint shapes.

Tombstone details

You can view each Tombstone details by putting the cursor over the Information button.


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