Reactivate UpSlide using Regedit

Before trying the procedure described here, you should try: UpSlide Menu Has Disappeared, How Do I Get It Back?

  1. Close all Excel, PowerPoint and Word windows.
  2. Launch RegEdit (use the windows key to and type RegEdit)
  3. In Regedit, go to the following folder:
    For Excel: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Office\Excel\Addins\Finance3point1.UpSlide.Excel

    For PowerPoint: 

    For Word:
  4. Double click on "Load Behavior" and set the value to 3, then click on "OK".
  5. Start Excel, PowerPoint or Word and check that the UpSlide Menu is back.
  6. If not, go back to 3 but replace Microsoft by WOW6432Node\Microsoft.
  7. If not, go back to 3 but replace HKEY_CURRENT_USER by HKEY_LOCAL_Machine.


If UpSlide is not activated after this, you should reinstall it.


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