Check that UpSlide is installed properly

To check that the packaging of UpSlide is correct, please perform the following tests:

1) Launch PowerPoint, Excel and Word. For each, check that there is no trust pop-up and that the UpSlide ribbon is visible.

2) In PowerPoint (if first launched), you will get a pop-up inviting you to enter an e-mail (please contact to receive a temporary license).

3) Check the user 'Everyone' has total control over %AppData%\UpSlide\Config.

4) Click presentation in the PowerPoint UpSlide menu.

5) Click UpSlide/Settings/Customization/Export.

6) Click UpSlide/settings/Customization/Download and select the customization exported in step 5.

7) Wait 30 seconds, restart the application, and accept installation.

8) Start PowerPoint, Excel and word (with a blank document in each application). Create a chart in Excel, select it, and click the export to Ppt button and the export to Word button.

9) An image of the chart should have been created in Word and Ppt. Right click the image and click the Update button. A success message should appear.

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