PowerPoint: Email or Publish a selection of slides

Your presentation can be published in two ways:

  • Email: This feature allows you to send part of your presentation by e-mail simply by selecting the slides in the left pane (see picture below).

    This feature can prove very useful in a collaborative environment when many people contribute to the same presentation.

  • Publish: This features allows you to easily save a copy of the selected slides of your presentation.


  • Publish the full presentation
  • Change the name of the attachment or copy (by default, the name of the presentation with a time stamp and the indexes of the included slides)
  • Convert the slides to .ppt, .pptx or .pdf
  • Keep a copy of the slides on your computer
  • Remove the redundant dividers
    If subsection dividers are displayed, it will remove the section dividers located just before a subsection divider
  • Hide the text exports
    This option will hide the hyperlinks marking the content exported from Excel
  • Mark the presentation as final

Technical details:

This features is compatible with Outlook, Lotus and Outlook Express.


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