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Autocolor is invaluable for model builders who want to effortlessly distinguish the cells based on their types (see image below for format examples).

To use Autocolor, simply toggle it on, and the cell style will be dynamically updated to match the content you enter.

You can also apply it on existing content simply by selecting the range and clicking on autocolor selection.



  • The font and background color can naturally be customized.
  • When exporting to PowerPoint and Word, UpSlide will automatically uncolor the selection and recolor it after the export. In most cases this is desirable but you can also deactivate this option.
  • You also have a button to manually uncolor the selected range.

Technical details:

The autocolor feature can give a specific format to the following cell types:

Direct Inputs

  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Date or Time


  • Formula with plugs (hard-coded inputs)
        =A1 + 2
  • Direct link
  • Any other formula
        =A1 + A2 * A3

When your cell contains a formula, you see if it contains references to another sheet or workbook have a different color thanks to specific styles:

  • Formula with precedents in a different worksheet
        =SUM( Sheet1!A1:A10 )
  • Direct link to a cell in a different workbook
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