Export size issues in PowerPoint and Word


When using the link, you might face issues with the size of the images generated in PowerPoint. For example:

  • Your colleague exported a table from Excel in PowerPoint. When you update it, the height changes slightly.
  • The chart you exported yesterday changed size when you updated it.

The root of the problem is that the size of charts and tables in Excel is dependent upon screen scaling, default font size, zoom level...

To avoid this problem entirely you need to:

  • Always use the same zoom level in Excel (only necessary for chart links, see here)
  • Have the same scaling for your primary screen across your team
  • Use the As Printed option when exporting (see here for more details)

Technical details

  • When exporting, UpSlide preserves the width in Excel.
  • When updating, UpSlide preserves the width of the image in PowerPoint/Word.

There are several potential issues with this behavior as the width in Excel is not constant.

  1. The Width to height ratio in Excel changes with your display settings. For example: if you change the size of all Items from 100% to 125% (see picture below), the tables in Excel will look different. This means that exporting the same table on two different computers can yield a slightly different result. Similarly, when you update a document sent to you by a colleague, you might observe differences. Note that only the scaling of your primary behavior is taken into account.
  2. The width of a table/chart in Excel changes with your display settings. If you plug in an external monitor as your primary screen it will change the size of all tables in Excel and alter the look of the exported images. This means that if your colleagues do not have the same display settings, two exports on two different machines might yield different results.
  3. The height of a chart in Excel is dependent on zoom level. See here for an article on this subject.
  4. When copy/pasting from Excel to PowerPoint, the width to height ratio is preserved but the size is modified. The scale of this modification is dependent upon the resolution and is not documented by Microsoft. Because of this, UpSlide automatically scales the image to make it match the size in Excel. The only drawback is that the scale ratio displayed in PowerPoint is not intuitive (see picture below where the scale is 144% even if the the table has just been exported from Excel).


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