UpSlide License Administration Platform


Once UpSlide is installed, each new user has to activate their license by entering their e-mail address. The activation will work only if the e-mail address has been registered on the license management platform.

From this platform you can:

  • Add a new user.
  • Delete an existing user (e.g. someone who has left the organization).
  • Grant authorization to an existing user, to activate UpSlide with a new Windows account.
  • Import and export the user list.
  • Purchase additional licenses.
  • Modify the customization sharing path (path to share the UpSlide setup files within your organization).

1        Platform description


1.1        To sort data

You can sort your data alphabetically by clicking the Name button. When you click on the Name button, you will see that the green arrow points downwards.

You can also choose to sort the data in reverse alphabetical order by clicking on the name button a second time. The green arrow will then point upwards.

1.2       To search data

Using the search bar, you can find a user by typing their name, email address or details that were provided in the “Details” field. After typing the relevant information in the search bar, just click on the magnifying glass to launch your search.


2       To add a new user

At the end of the user list, fill in the following fields:

  • Name: user name
  • Mail: user email address
  • Details (optional, free text field): gives you the opportunity to provide further information on the user’s department and/or country and to apply a sorting function.

Validate by clicking the green check mark: the user will be added to the platform. You can then edit the user profile and give them access to specific features (see section 4).


Some field are automatic:

  • Creation Date: date of user creation
  • Options: user’s activated options (can be changed, see section 4)
  • License Expiration date
  • Installed version
  • UpSlide is activated: “Yes” if UpSlide is active for the user

You can also add multiple users to the platform (see section 5).


3       To delete an existing user

Once you have found the user’s name you want to delete, click the red cross displayed at the end of the row.


Then validate the deletion by clicking the trash button.



4      To edit a user profile

You can modify the user’s name, email address, details and active options. To edit a user profile, click on the blue pen at the end of the row displaying the user’s name.


The available options will be listed on the page. You can check the box to activate a new option or uncheck the box to disable an active option. If you have reached the maximum number of users for an option, the option won’t appear in this list. You can contact us to buy more options or you can transfer the option(s) from other users. To do so, first disable the option on another user profile, then activate the option for the new user.

Once you have made your changes on the user profile, validate by clicking on the green check mark.



5       To export and import the user list in Excel

On the bottom left of the page, you will see an Excel icon.

You can click the left icon to download the full list of users in Excel with their name, email address, license status, details, and options. When you export the user list, the active filters are not applied in the exported file.

You can add new users to this file, then import the new Excel file in the platform to add multiple users at once. If you have reached the maximum number of users you will have to purchase new licenses first. (see section 6)



6       To increase the number of maximum users

Once you have reached the maximum number of users, you can purchase additional licenses through the platform.

To do so, enter the number of additional licenses that you wish to purchase in the “Purchase additional licenses” field, then validate by clicking the green check mark.


A window will pop up for you to confirm your purchase of licenses. To confirm, click the green check mark.


The new licenses will be automatically added and invoiced.

When purchasing additional licenses, if the Maximum Number of Licenses is equal to the Maximum Number of an Option, this Option will be bought as well (License and Option package). E.g. If all your existing users have the tombstone option then the additional license will too.


7       Resetting an existing user account

When a user changes their Windows account, they must reactivate their UpSlide license. To authorize them to renew their license you can reset their license from the platform:

  • Search for the user.
  • Click on the yellow icon at the end of the row.
  • Then validate by clicking the green check mark.




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