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25 August 2015


When a new user first installs UpSlide he enters his e-mail address to activate the software. For this to work, their email address need to be entered on the license administration platform. This platform allows you to:

  • Delete a user (e.g. someone who has left the organization).
  • Reset the user’s license so he can activate UpSlide with a new Windows account.
  • Buy additional licenses.
  • Modify the customization sharing path (Folder within your organization network used by UpSlide for the customization exchange system between the administrator and its users).



  1. Available buttons

: Edit User.

 : Validate insertion or edition.

 : Delete user.

 : Allow user to activate UpSlide with a new Windows account.

 : Find a user.


On the right side of the page, you can see a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the number of users to be displayed on a single page.


  1. How to add a user?

Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: User’s Surname and First name.
  • Mail: User’s email address.
  • Details (optional, free text field): gives you the opportunity to provide further information on the user’s department and/or country and to filter the list on this field.
  • Validate by clicking on the green check mark .


Automatic fields:

  • UpSlide is activated: « Yes » if the user has activated UpSlide.
  • Creation Date: Date of user creation.
  • Options: User’s activated options.



  1. How to sort or search data?

a. Sorting

You can sort your data alphabetically by clicking on the “Name” button. The green arrow will point downwards.

You can also choose to sort the data in reverse alphabetical order by clicking on the "Name" button a second time. The green arrow will then point upwards.

b. Searching

Using the search bar, you can find a user by typing their name, email address or details that were provided in the “Details” field. After typing the relevant information in the search bar, just click on the magnifying glass to launch your search.



  1. How to delete a user?

To find the user that you need to delete, go through the user list or type in his/her name in the search bar and then click on the magnifying glass.

Once you have found the user’s name, just click on the red cross displayed at the end of the row .

Then validate the deletion by clicking on the trash button .



  1. How to edit a user?

At the end of the row displaying the user’s name, you will see a blue pen . You can click on this icon to edit a user’s profile.

Once you have clicked, you can modify the user’s name, email address, details and available options.

The unchecked option items will appear as long as those options have not reached their maximum number of users. Shall this happen, you can transfer options by unchecking the option in a user and then checking it at another.



  1. How to raise the maximum number of users?

Once you have reached the maximum number of users defined by your contract, you can raise the limit by purchasing additional licenses.


To do so, enter the number of additional licenses that you wish to purchase in the “Purchase additional licenses” field, then validate by clicking on the green check mark .

A window will pop up for you to confirm your purchase of 4 licenses.

The new licenses are then automatically added and invoiced.


When purchasing additional licenses, if your contract states that each user will benefit from a given option (e.g. Modelling Module), the maximum number of users for this option will be raised as well.


  1. How to authorize a user to get a new license?

When a user changes his Windows account he has to reactivate his UpSlide license. To authorize him to obtain a new license you can apply the following:

  • Search for the user.
  • Click on the yellow icon at the end of the row .


The user will then be able to activate UpSlide from his new account.


  1. How to export the user list to Excel?

On the bottom left of the page, you will see an Excel icon .

By clicking on this icon, you can download an Excel file listing all your UpSlide users with their name, email address, license status, details, and options.

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