Choice of a Shared Folder

Any network or SharePoint path can be used as shared folder provided that all users in the team have read and write access to the folder.
The path also supports windows environment variables such as %userprofile%.

The default Shared Folder is included in UpSlide Setup. This means that all UpSlide users start with the same path.

It can later be changed in two ways:

  1. Centrally and remotely: the UpSlide support team can change the default repository remotely provided that the Get Shared Folder location from UpSlide server check-box is ticked (and that communication with our server is authorized by your network security). This can be useful if the network is reorganized after Upslide is installed.
  2. Locally : each user can overwrite the default repository  by using the Browse button. This button is especially useful for administrators to export their customization without making it available to other users (for example if they need to back up their local changes).

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