Unlink colors from the palette


When filling the UpSlide libraries, you might come across a situation where the colors you see on the element preview does not match what you get when you insert the element in the active document.

This is a palette issue. The color palette active when you inserted the element in the library does not match the color palette of your active document.

To keep things simple and full-proof for your UpSlide users, we recommend never to use theme dependent colors. But if you face this problem, here is how to solve it (we took the example of a PowerPoint shape, but is is the same in Excel and Word).


When copy-pasting the shape bellow across presentations, you see that the shape fill and outline changed color, because they were linked to the color palette.
When pasting it in a presentation with a different color palette, the color is automatically updated.


To break the link with the palette,

click the color selection, and select the option "More Colors…".
In the "Colors" tab, click "OK". You have just hard coded the RGB value of your color. 
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