Getting started

Upslide provides a mechanism to share your customization with other users.

The customization is simply a set of files (PowerPoint templates, Excel workbooks, configuration files...) deployed to your computer when UpSlide is installed.

Every UpSlide user has a copy of the customization on his machine, but only the administrator can change it.

The idea is simply to transfer the modification you make on your computer to all the other users.

To do so (see image below), UpSlide uses a folder on your network to store these modifications and make them available to all UpSlide users.

.UpSlide files

The customization is transferred between admin and users in the form of a .UpSlide file.  This file format is simply a bundle of all the customization files compressed and organized so as to be understandable by UpSlide.


When the administrator exports his customization, a .UpSlide file is created in the shared folder.

After each start, UpSlide checks the shared folder for a new .UpSlide file.

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