Export as Image in Ppt and Word: Scaling bug

Since Windows 8, when a change in the primary monitor's scaling occurs, some of Windows features stop behaving properly until you log off/log in. In particular, the copy-paste of an image in Excel is likely to yield strange results:


As UpSlide uses this feature for its link feature, any export you make will create an image containing only part of the source or with a transparent bottom border (see picture below). 



Simply sign out of your windows session and sign back in.

As of UpSlide V5.2, this bug is fixed in some specific configurations. If it cannot be fixed, UpSlide uses a bitmap format until your next log off/log in.


When does this happen:

Windows 8: You encounter this bug (for some specific hardware configurations) when you connect a second screen to your computer, make it the principal display, and unplug it.

Unplugging makes the first display the main one, but Ms Office keep reference to the old one to compute the enhanced meta file used to export.

Windows 10: simply changing the scaling of the primary monitor will cause the issue.


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