Convert slide to the correct slide master

This article is a step by step guide to converting a slide to an other slide master. Maybe you are looking for our automatic tool, the Slide Converter ?

As an administrator, you have to make sure that the slides you insert in the library comply with the UpSlide Template and its slide master.

If you don't, PowerPoint has the bad habit of creating unwanted layouts or slide masters during copy paste. These will then be preserved when inserted in the slide library with two unwanted consequences:

  1. The size of the library might increase greatly (slowing down UpSlide)
  2. Each time your users insert these slides in their UpSlide presentations, a new slide master will be created. Eventually, as the user inserts more slides, his presentation size will grow out of control.


Should you need to insert slides from an existing presentation (for example, client slides, or from the previous company template), please follow this procedure:

  1. Create a new presentation in UpSlide.
  2. Copy paste the old slide with the use destination theme option.
  3. Check the master and layout of the slide (Slides pane: right click, layout). If a new Layout/Master was created when inserting the slide, re-apply a good layout.
  4. Delete the footers and reinsert them using Insert/Headers & Footers (optional in some cases, but mandatory if a footer or date is found in the source master but not in destination master).
  5. Adjust positions of text boxes (if source and destination layout differ significantly).
  6. Colors might also change if source and destination theme color are different. Manual adjustments are then necessary.
  7. Once adequately formatted, insert the slide in library.
  8. Reinsert slide from library and check that is works well with UpSlide footers and table of contents functionalities (click Update Table of Contents).



If your version of UpSlide is greater than 4.5, you can also use the slide converter feature feature which will automate part of the process.

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