Manage Libraries

UpSlide offers libraries of standard content in PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

As an administrator, when you right click the library, you get access to a set of additional buttons designed to

  • add, rename or delete items,
  • replace an item by the current selection,
  • create and rename folders (or subfolders at any level).

By Drag and Drop, you can also move any item or folder to a different directory

Note that the items in a folder are always stored alphabetically, so you can't modify an item position in a given folder.

Finally, if you click on Show Properties, you can tag each elements with additional keywords to accelerate search.


Library dependent features

PowerPoint Shape Library

  • If several shapes are selected, they will be grouped when inserted in the library.
  • Position of the shape in the slide is retained. So plan carefully.
  • Do not forget that each element of the shape library might be inserted directly in the master. So think about inserting logos, disclaimers or element usually found on masters.

Word Library

  • Can contain shapes (pictures, charts, tables...) but also entire paragraphs. You can even insert entire documents if you have too many templates and need the search capabilities of the library.

PowerPoint Slide Library

  • Can contain single slides or full sections.
  • To avoid slide master issues, please follow this procedure, when inserting slides not created with UpSlide.

Excel Library

  • Can contain single sheets, multiple sheets or entire workbooks.
  • If the inserted workbook contains macros, they will be preserved.
  • To reduce the time it takes your users to insert an element, always clean the workbook before inserting an element in the library.


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