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The basic thing to know when Upslide customization is managed by several administrators is that you can export part of your customization (see this post). Using partial exports, you can easily combine the work of several administrators.

However, we strongly advise that you follow two guidelines:

  1. Only one administrator responsible to push changes to the users.
  2. Use a secondary shared folder for the administrators.

If you follow these rules, you limit the risks for versioning mistakes.


Use case 1: Several Admin for the same customization

Let us assume that you are the main administrator, and that someone else is managing the Excel sheet and the PowerPoint shapes libraries while you have the responsibility of pushing the final changes to the users.

To work together you will need a secondary shared folder only used to exchange your modifications with the other Admin. If you don't take this step, each time the other admin makes a partial export of this modifications, they will be installed by every other user without validation from your part.

Instead, when the other admin makes modifications to his parts, ask him to push them to the secondary shared folder.

As an administrator, when installing his new customization, you will be prompted with an additional form allowing you to control what has been modified. And install these changes without the rest of your customization being impacted, effectively allowing you to work alongside the other admin.


Use case 2: Several teams with specific libraries but common template

For some of the larger organisations equipped with UpSlide, each team has its own customization managed by a different administrator, but they all share the same visual identity.

For our example, let us assume:

  • A central administrator responsible for the Excel styles, the PowerPoint and the Word Templates.
  • A series of local administrators, each responsible for their team specific libraries.

For this organization to work properly, the central administrator should never push his changes directly to the users.

Instead when the central admin makes modifications the process (described in the image below) would be:

  1. Prerequisite: each team has its own shared folder, and a central shared folder has been defined. Each user points to his team shared folder. Each administrator points to the central admin repository.
  2. The central administrator makes a partial export of his customization with only the templates and styles.
  3. Each local administrator is prompted that a new version is available and can install it without risk of overwriting his local modifications.
  4. Each local administrator makes sure that his libraries match the modified templates and finishes his own work on the rest of the customization.
  5. Each local administrator pushes the entire customization on the local shared folder of his team.

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