Export your customization

To share your customization with other users, you first have to export it as a .UpSlide file. To do so, click on the Settings button, then on the Customization tab.

Under Shared Folder, you will find the path where UpSlide will

  1. create an .UpSlide file each time you click on export,
  2. check, at startup, if a new customization is available for installation.

If you wish to change the location, you can hit the Browse button and select a new folder.

Click the Export button and leave all parts of the customization checks to do a full export and completely overwrite the customization of the other users.

Once the export is complete, a new .UpSlide file is created inside the Shared Folder, and progressively deployed to the other users machine as they restart their Office applications.


Partial Export

Alternatively, you can choose the parts of the customization you want to export. You can even choose which folders in the libraries to export (see image below).

Only the parts selected will be installed on top of the users' customization.

This is very useful if you are working on a part of the customization while another administrator is working on another. You can use the automatic detection button to pre-select all the items you have changed since your last export.

While this feature is essential for collaboration, it should be used with caution when targeting the final users. Simply because it leaves a lot of room for errors (imagine that you exported your new slide library but not the templates necessary to make it work).


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