Word: Smart Check

The Smart Check feature will help you detect and fix all the typos in your documents.

Click the button to open the Smart Check pane:

Your document is analyzed and UpSlide displays a list of potential warnings organized by categories.

By clicking on a warning you can highlight the corresponding text in your document. 

By clicking on the Fix button you can let UpSlide fix the problem automatically.


  • Two languages are supported: English and French.
  • Click refresh to update the list of warnings after any manual modification of your document.
  • You can choose to deactivate any warning type

List of punctuation warnings:

Double spaces: If two consecutive spaces characters are found, a warning is raised. To allow for manual spacing, no warning is thrown if more than 2 consecutive spaces are found. 

Commas: Each comma in your document is checked to ensure that it is not preceded by a space but followed by one.

Semi columns and columns: In English they must not be preceded by a space and they must be followed by one. In French they must be preceded by a non-breaking space.

Exclamation and question marks: Must be preceded by a non-breaking space and followed by a space (or new paragraph character).

Parenthesis and brackets: Opening character must be preceded by a space. Closing characters must be followed by one.

Quotes: Opening quotes must be followed by a non-breaking space and preceded by a standard one, while closing quotes function symmetrically. Any isolated quote will also generate a warning.

Full Stops: UpSlide will generate a warning is a full stop is preceded by a space or not followed by one.

Exceptions: To avoid getting too many unjustified warnings, UpSlide makes the following exceptions:

  • Full stops not followed by a space but preceded by an uppercase letter are allowed (to avoid generating a warning when acronyms are used such as U.S.A.).
  • To avoid generating warnings each time a web site is encountered, full stops followed by a lowercase letter are ignored.
  • To avoid full stops warning on all section numbers, the first word of each paragraph is ignored.
  • Punctuation characters associated with numbers (such as 1.1) are also ignored to avoid conflicts between punctuation warnings and number format warnings (see below).

Number format warnings:

UpSlide analyses all of your document numbers to ensure that they are formatted as:

  • 1 000 000,11 in French or,
  • 1,000,000.11 in English.

UpSlide does not force the number of decimal places, it simply ensures that the decimal and thousand separator match the selected language.

To detect numbers, UpSlide screens the document for any chain of characters containing only numbers and separators (spaces, commas, dots or non-breaking spaces) which satisfies the following constraints:

  • it contains at least one separator,
  • if several separators are present they are separated by exactly 3 numbers.

If it fails to satisfy one of them it will not generate any warning even if it does not use the standard decimal and thousand separators (this is a way to avoid generating warnings for dates, section numbers, reference to legal text...).

Examples with English conventions:

2,22 will become 2.22

1000 000 will become 1,000,000

1 000 000,45 will be corrected to 1,000,000.45


  • In case of doubt between a decimal number and an integer, UpSlide chooses the integer (ex: 300.100 will be formatted as 300 100 in French).
  • To avoid conflict with text exported from Excel and with cross references (ex: "see Section 3.2" does not raise a warning), all text contained in fields is ignored.


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