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With Smart Track, you can navigate your formula's precedents and dependents  with unprecedented ease. Using the mouse or the intuitive keyboard controls, drill down to the user inputs and back up to your formula in an instant. This can be a real life saver whether you are discovering a new file, analyzing an unexpected result or hunting down inconsistencies. It is both incomparably faster than Excel's Trace precedents/dependents feature, and much more ergonomic than Excel's evaluate formula.

The smart track panel displays (see example below):

  • the currently tracked cell (N10),
  • its value and formula,
  • A tree of precedents or dependents with the respective values and formulas.

Mouse navigation:

If you click a precedent/dependent in the list. UpSlide will automatically select and display it, even if the range is on another workbook or worksheet.

If you click on the expander of a node, the SmartTrack will display theprecedent/dependent of that node.

Keyboard shortcuts:

The take full advantage of the smart track, it is best to use the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Ctrl+Shift+K will open the smart track pane and analyse the precedents of the selected range.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L will open the smart track pane and analyse the dependents of the selected range.
  • Ctrl+Shift+J will open the smart track on the last audited cell with the last used mode : precedent or dependent.
  • With Up and down arrows will can go through the precedent/dependent list of the current node.
  • Right arrow will expand the selected node and display its precedents/dependents.
  • Left arrow will close the expanded list of the selected node or select the selected node's parent.
  • The Escape key will select the currently tracked cell (N10 in the example), give focus back to the Excel worksheet and close the smart track.
  • The Enter key will give focus back to the Excel worksheet and close the smart track.
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