Excel: Create a Stacked Waterfall chart

This feature is located in the Charts menu.

A waterfall chart is an intuitive tool to visualize the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values. With the stacked version, you can also decompose the effects.

To create this chart, simply select your data and click the Stacked Waterfall Button. Your data should be organized as described in the image below.

The first and last line are always treated as results (not effects). If your data contains one or more intermediary result as in the image above, UpSlide will automatically detect it and use the appropriate column to represent it.

Note that you cannot decompose an effect into values or a different sign. Excel would not know how to display it. If this case occurs, simply decompose the effect in two with the positive value on one side and the negative values on the other.

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To get sample data for a Stacked Waterfall Chart, you can use the Examples button.

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