Server install

UpSlide can be installed on top of a server installation of Microsoft Office (for example to integrate UpSlide to a CITRIX architecture, see this article). There are however several constraints to keep in mind:

  • Licensing model. We provide a per user licensing mode (in particular, a license only works for a given UserName). Each user activate UpSlide once, the license is stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive, and as long as the user profile is correctly transferred between servers, UpSlide will stay activated.


  • All user Install Recommended. If you don't mind having the entire customization and installation files in each users profiles (between 20 and 50Mo), single user install could still be used and could in fact ease deployment to a selected group of users using group policies.


  • All Office applications must be installed on each server. For UpSlide to work properly, Excel PowerPoint Word and Outlook processes have to communicate. If they are delivered to the end users from different servers, some features will not function: Export/Update from Excel, e-mail sheet or selection, e-mail selected slides.


  • Administrator license is not supported. The administrator needs to have a local version of UpSlide to edit the customization files before publishing them on the server. The customization sharing method proposed by default (see this article) can be used, but it will require a down time for the server as it only launches when a single Office process is running on the machine.
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