Activate UpSlide

When you first start an Office application after UpSlide is installed, you will be prompted with the following message:

Simply enter your e-mail address, click the Activate UpSlide button and wait for our server to activate UpSlide!


What happens if my address is not referenced?

If you see the message below, you need to contact the person in charge of UpSlide licenses in your company and ask to be included in the list of authorized users.

What happens if the activation fails?

To activate UpSlide, you need an Internet connection.

If you have an Internet connection but your network security policy is too strict, UpSlide will automatically fall back to the manual activation procedure and show you this form:

To activate UpSlide follow this procedure

1) Click the get a license code link. Your web browser will open a page on our website.

2) Enter your e-mail address (twice for confirmation) and click the request a license button.

3) If your e-mail is referenced, you will receive a license code within a few minutes.

4) Copy/Paste this code in the text box and click Apply Code to activate UpSlide.


My UpSlide version is older than 4.1, how does it work?

The process was slightly different:

  1. Right after install, the UpSlide tab will appear on the ribbon and will display a single button: Get a License.
  2. Click this button, a user form will open. Then click the Automatic Activation button.
  3. Enter your e-mail address, and wait for our server to activate UpSlide!
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