Recommended UpSlide installation process

UpSlide requires two prerequisites that need administrative rights to be installed.

  • .NET framework 4.5
  • VSTO runtime 2010

Assuming these prerequisites are installed separately to prevent the setup from downloading them, a per user installation is recommended to allow end-users to install UpSlide without administrative rights.

Per user installation:

Depending on the number of UpSlide users, we suggest three different installation scenarios to achieve a trouble-free setup in time:

  1. If you have few users, simply install UpSlide on each user account by executing the setup as administrator. Doing so, you will also install the prerequisites.

  2. If you are comfortable with the end-user installing UpSlide themselves, but they have no administrative rights, simply install the prerequisites on each computer. Then let each user install UpSlide. They will not be asked for administrative rights. Note that if you want to script this process, the setup file has a silent mode (-q2 option).

  3. For large organization deployment, we provide an MSI setup file. The MSI will check for prerequisites, but will not install them. You should deploy the two prerequisite trough GPO, then UpSlide. ( . )


All user deployment:

If the setup is launched with administrator permissions, UpSlide will be installed for all user by default. If the permissions are not sufficient, UpSlide will be installed for the current user. The default behavior can be modified through command line options.

  • /a1 will force a single user install,
  • while /a4 will force an all user install and will display an admin prompt if the current user does not have enough permissions.

Then again, the setup can be run silently using the "-q2" option.

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