Word/PowerPoint: Why do I get a warning when updating data imported from Excel ?

When you export data from Excel, UpSlide stores, in Excel, the fact that an export was made from this specific table/chart. When you later try to update, the UpSlide link system looks into all open Excel workbooks for potential sources. 

If a single source is found the update is carried out. If not a warning is displayed. The picture below presents the two kinds of warning you might encounter.

No Source

You will get this warning if no source is found in the opened workbooks. You can double click the warning to open the "Link Information" window and open the last file used for Update.

Naturally, if the source was deleted in Excel or if you did not save the Excel file after exporting, this won't work and you will have to perform a new export. 


Outdated Data

If the date of the last update of the PowerPoint/Word document is more recent than the last update from the Excel workbook, this warning will appear. This is to prevent people from accidentally overwriting new data with old data.


- You created a link but forgot to save the Excel file afterwards.

- You are using an older version as a template for every new version.


This warning can be bypassed by checking the "Ignore outdated data warnings" option.




Multiple sources

If several versions of the source file are open when you click update, UpSlide won't be able to decide which one to use and will display this warning. Double click it to start the "Link Information" window (see picture below) where you can navigate between available sources. To visualize where the source is located in Excel, simply double click on the sheet name.

When you have determined which source is the correct one, select it and click "Use for Update". This will solve the conflict for this update and the next ones.

Note that you can also create a conflict by duplicating the source chart (no such issues with tables).


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