Excel: Why do I get a warning when building my Waterfall chart ?

Aside from the warnings about an incorrect selection (empty cells, non continuous range...) which are self explanatory, two warnings might require some additional explanations.

Warning: "Data used to create a bridge might be inconsistent! The last value does not match the others."

  • To draw a bridge, the first and last values need to be results, not effects, which means in particular that you have to make sure that each intermediate value and the last value are the sum of the previous intermediate value and the following effects.
  • If you build your effects and intermediate values using formulas, you should not encounter this issue.
  • Note that UpSlide leaves some small margin for error to avoid getting this warning simply for rounding issues.

Warning:  "Several representations are consistent with the data. If the result does not match what you expect, please apply a bold font to intermediary results."

  • In some very rare occurrences, you might input data which admits two distinct representations (see below for an Example). You can force one of these representations by applying a bold font on all the result values.



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