Excel: Why do I need to resize my table/chart before exporting it to PowerPoint/Word?

We, and many of our clients, think that it is essential to a document readability and cosmetics that the text fonts be consistent through the entire document.

If a chart or table is re-sized manually after being exported to PowerPoint Word, the font size will change, and if various re-size ratios are used through the presentation, our text font uniformity principle will not be respected.

To enforce it, UpSlide has a Re-size and export feature. By using it, the width or the table/chart is modified directly in Excel without changing text font.

Special case of table re-size and export:

When you re-size and export a table, only the width of the first column is modified. To many of our clients, this is also essential to a presentation cosmetics as they like their tables to have aligned columns (see picture below for an example).


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