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The navigation pane is central to building presentations with UpSlide Branded. You can indeed organize presentations in section and subsections, but also switch, rename, or delete any item in your table of contents.

Feature List (accessible through right click unless specified otherwise):

  • Insert section or subsection after the selected item
  • Rename selected section, subsection or slide
  • Delete selected section, subsection or slide
  • Go to the selected item (by double clicking)
  • Move slide, subsection or entire section by drag and drop.

Note: To move a section/subsection/slide around, drag it under the name of the section/subsection/slide under which you want to move it.

To move a section for example, drag it and drop under the section name as shown below:


Technical note:

Depending on the template you are using, the navigation pane might be the only way to insert subsections (see the subsection post on this forum for additional details).

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