PowerPoint/Word: Update data imported from Excel

Excel data exported to PowerPoint with UpSlide can later be very easily updated.

If you select an imported Excel data in PowerPoint or Word and click the Update button, UpSlide examines all opened Excel workbooks and looks for potential sources. Depending on what is found three situations may arise:

  1. A single potential source is found in which case the picture is updated while retaining its width.
  2. No potential sources are found in which case you can use Find the source to find out which file was last used as source, who did the update, and when.
  3. Several potential sources are found, in which case Find the source will also be helpful to select the correct one. This feature lists all potential sources, and you can preview the data in the background with a single click.


Case 3 may occur, for example, when several versions of the same file are opened or when the source chart has been copied.


  • You can update all imported shapes in the active document simultaneously using Update All.
  • When using Find the source, you can directly open the file which was last used as source of the imported shape
  • When clicking the Update button, UpSlide will try to update all the data found in the selection. For example, you can update an entire Word paragraph, or all the shapes in a PowerPoint slide, simply by selecting them.
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