PowerPoint: Create sections and subsections

Dividing a presentation in Sections with UpSlide Branded:

The sections in UpSlide branded are materialized by a divider slide, marking the beginning of the Section. This slide is completely customized to your template, but it generally contains a summary of the contents of the Section.

For example, the Finance 3.1 Template contains (as described in the picture below) :

  • the titles and slide indexes of the slides in the section,
  • the title and numbers of the other sections.

To insert a divider slide, simply click insert a Section. If any part of the content of the section is latter modified, simply click Update Table of Content to see the divider slide updated to match the new contents.


Example of divider slide (left part) and reminder shape in the slides part of a section (upper left corner of the slide on the right

Reminder shapes on the slides:

In addition to divider slides, UpSlide also inserts a reminder of the section title and number on each of its slides. The position and content of theses reminders depend on your template (the right part of the picture above presents the reminder of the section title for the Finance 3.1 template).

These reminders are automatically inserted and updated when you click Update Table of Contents

Inserting Subsections:

Depending on your template, subsections can be materialized in one of two ways:

  • by a divider slide, in which case the subsection are handled exactly as sections,
  • by a reminder shape of the slides in the subsections. In that case, you can insert a subsection using the Navigation pane.


  • Sections and subsections can be inserted either from the ribbon or by right clicking in the Navigation pane.
  • Section and subsections can be renamed through the Navigation pane.
  • To delete a section, simply delete the reminder slide, or use the Navigation pane.
  • If you copy/paste a divider slide, you will create a new section.
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