Activate UpSlide before V3.3

To activate UpSlide, you need a valid license code. You can get one directly from Excel, PowerPoint or Word by following the procedure below.
Note: you need an Internet connection to activate UpSlide
  1. Once UpSlide installation is complete, close all Office applications, and restart either Excel, Word or PowerPoint.
  2. The UpSlide Tab will appear on the ribbon and will contain a single button: Get a License.
  3. Click this button, a user form will open. Then click the Get a licence button.getlicence2.jpg
  4. Your default Internet browser will open on our Activation page.
  5. Enter and confirm your e-mail address, the license will then be delivered to you by e-mail.
  6. Copy the license code from the e-mail and paste it in the text box directly below the get a licence button.
You might need to contact your local UpSlide Administrator to have him add you to the list of authorized users. If you are not yet authorized to activate UpSlide,  the following message will appear on the activation site :
"The e-mail address entered is not referenced. You may not be authorized to install UpSlide."
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