UpSlide menu has disappeared, how do I get it back?

On occasions (generally after an update or a crash), Microsoft Office disables UpSlide without warning. The following procedure describes how to re-activate UpSlide.


  1. Open Excel, Word or PowerPoint depending on which application have this issue.
  2. Go to File -> Options 
  3. Go to the Add-Ins Tab, select the disabled items in the manage drop down and click go.
  4. If UpSlide appears in the list of disabled items, select it and click enable. If not, continue
  5. Select the COM Add-Ins category in the manage drop down and click go (similar to step 2).comaddins.JPG
  6. Check the UpSlide Add-In and click Ok.
  7. The UpSlide Tab should appear in the ribbon. If not close all Office applications and restart the procedure. If the Upslide Tab is still missing, please re-install UpSlide.


If all of this does not work, please try Reactivate UpSlide Using Regedit






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