Word/PowerPoint : How to export shapes and text boxes along with my Excel Chart

Problem Description

In the example below, I inserted a source text box and an image in my chart, and I want to export them along with my chart to PowerPoint.

As you might have experienced, this does not always work, simply because there are two kind of shapes:

  • The shapes In the chart
  • The shapes On the chart

If your shape is in the chart, it will be included in the export. If not, it will be ignored. To check if your shape is In or On, simply try to move it outside the chart. If it works, your shape is On and cannot be exported directly.

Best Practices to make shapes be In the chart

For an existing shape, you can put it back In. Simply cut it, select the chart and paste it. 

To create new shapes, ensure that the chart is selected, click insert shape and draw it directly over the chart.



NB:  If you need to export shapes which overlap the chart or simply several charts simultaneously, you can also export the cells behind (see. this post)

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