Authorize UpSlide to communicate with our servers

To function optimally, UpSlide needs to communicate with our server and the user database it contains. This article describes the nature of these exchanges and how to configure it.

Before going into details, please note that all communication can be deactivated while preserving UpSlide main features.

Automatic activation/Renewal

With this feature, UpSlide is automatically activated after the user enters its mail address during first use. The license is later automatically updated when UpSlide contract is renewed each year.

If communication is blocked, the user will have to manually request and enter its license using this procedure: Manual activation. Additionally he will have to do this procedure again each year.

Usage statistics

With this feature, every user send weekly usage information to a centralized server. This information can later be retrieved in the form of dashboards detailing the most useful features for your company as well as the percentage of users who are, in effect, using UpSlide.

Note that this feature can be turned off for all users.

If communication is blocked, the statistics simply will not be sent, but the user will not notice it.

Shared folder central management

If the shared folder changes after UpSlide is deployed, the new path can be pushed automatically to all users (see this article for more details).

This feature relies on a weekly check by UpSlide of the path stored on our server.

If communication is blocked, the path will not be updated, and each user needs to update it though UpSlide interface.

UpSlide upgrades

When new versions are available, UpSlide can update itself at startup.

If communication is blocked, updates won't be downloaded from our server. But a fall back mode is available to update UpSlide from a local network folder.

How does it work

UpSlide add-in makes web requests (http: GET) through its host application (Excel, Word or PowerPoint) on port 80.

To make it work:

  • Authorize http requests to the "" and "" domain and to all its subdomains
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Word must not be blocked by Windows firewall

 To prevent it from working, you can either 

  • not fulfill the prerequisits of the last paragraph
  • or add options to the application settings file (please contact us for that).


Additional details

Please find below a detail of the data exchanged between UpSlide and the server.

  • License Request and Renewal (
    • Send data: User Email, Contract ID, Machine ID, Computer Name, Domain, User Name, Windows Version, Office version, UpSlide Version.
    • Data retreived: license code
  • Usage statistics (
    • Send data: same as lincense request plus usage statistics in number of clics.
    • Data retreived: sucess flag
  • Shared folder management ( or depending on the version).
    • Send data: Contract ID, user email
    • Data retreived: path
  • UpSlide upgrade (
    • Send data: Contract ID, user email
    • Data retrieved: url of the latest update (compressed as a .zip file, later downloaded using BITS protocol)

All data is encrypted using a standard Triple Data Encryption Algorithm.

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