How to set it up

If you want to set up a library for a team, the first thing is to decide where the library content should be stored.

Note if you don't want to work with a team, you can also configure a Personal Library.


Choose library locations

UpSlide will look for content in a set of network folders (called library locations). Today, a library location must be a network folder (SharePoint support will come later).


1) Single library location

All shared content is stored in a single server, accessible by all users. Specific permissions can be granted to sub-folders (see below).

Library location paths: \\Serveur1\UpSlide\Library

2) Multiple locations

Using several can make sense when, for example, content can only be accessed by users of a specific site.

Library location paths: \\GlobalServer\UpSlide\Shared Library, \\UKServer\UpSlide\UK Library

3) Google drive, One Drive, Box...

UpSlide can function with all cloud file synchronization systems. Just use the sync folder as library location.


Set up permissions

UpSlide will use the read permissions of the current user to filter accessible content, and will use the write permissions to validate the right to publish.

It is perfectly possible to have very specific rules setup by your IT to grant access to only a sub part of a library location.


\\Serveur1\UpSlide\Library\Shared with read permissions for everyone

\\Serveur1\UpSlide\Library\Legal with read permissions only for the legal team


Set up library locations

Library locations can be set up in four different ways with decreasing priority.

  1. Set up manually using UpSlide\Settings (cf. picture below).
  2. Retrieved from UpSlide server (if "Get library from UpSlide server" in the picture below is ticked), where it can be setup and updated centrally.
  3. Set up during initial packaging (either by UpSlide or by your team) in the ApplicationSettings.bin file deployed along with UpSlide.
  4. Not set up at all, in which case a default library, with default content is created in %AppData%\UpSlide\Content. The default content is retrieved from %ProgramData%\UpSlide\Config\Content\Default Library.



Migrate from an old UpSlide library (V < 6)

If you're familiar with the old UpSlide library system, the main benefits from this new version are:

  • a permission system to fine tune who can access what,
  • instant synchronization: no restart needed to benefit from new content,
  • an improved UI with full text search to find slides or shapes based on their content,
  • a much easier administrator mode where your changes can be immediately accessed, 
  • the possibility for several administrators to work together without constraint,
  • the possibility to add multiple items to the library in one click.

The UpSlide team can migrate your existing content in one click!


Migrate your existing content

If you already have content that is designed to be reused by every one, you will find it very easy to add it to the UpSlide library.

Simply add the shared folder where these files are stored as a library location. Then open all the existing documents and click the publish button. This will add all the slides (or shapes depending on your choice) in the active presentation to the library.

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