Export and Resize: Unpredictable behavior with charts height

Problem Description

  • When updating a chart in PowerPoint, the height changes slightly
  • When exporting with the Resize Chart Height option enabled (Click here to learn more) the resulting image does not match the shape exactly.

This happens when the the zoom in Excel is not set to 100%. This is simply because the size of an Excel chart is linked to the Zoom setting.

For example, in the picture below, you can see how the size in Excel varies when moving the zoom from 100% to 80%.

100percent2.png 80percent2.png

The example below shows the resulting difference between both Zoom settings after exporting to PowerPoint.


Make sure to set the Zoom of all your worksheets to 100% to avoid this issue. You can easily perform this operation with the Prepare feature. Click here to learn more.

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