PowerPoint's 'Paste as Picture' or 'Save as Picture' adds unwanted space to the resulting image


In PowerPoint, when you copy-paste a shape or placeholder as a picture, a transparent margin may be added around the resulting picture. This happens when your shape or placeholder contains text, and the margin around this text is small (according to our experience, 0.2 centimeters or less).

The size of the transparent margin around the picture increases as the size of the margin around the text decreases. Also, this bug can be further aggravated if you use DPI scaling on your computer.

This bug may impact some of UpSlide's features, including but not limited to:

  • Excel Export
  • Shape Library
  • Shape Styles
  • Tombstones

 The shape, with text and no margin:


The resulting pasted picture:


source : Microsoft Community

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